FastTrack Schedule 2022
In a world full of project challenges, FastTrack Schedule 2022 is the best tool for teams to plan, track, analyze, and report their projects.
Arriving Soon
  • Completely redesigned for macOS 11.0 Big Sur, macOS 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, and beyond - FastTrack Schedule is now a 64-Bit app
  • Full Retina Display Resolution support, including for mixed Retina and Non-Retina displays
  • Support for iCloud, Finder Tags, and Dark Mode
  • Completely redesigned for Windows 10 and beyond
  • High DPI - HDR resolution support for a sharper appearance on all your monitors, including for mixed standard and High DPI displays
  • Support for (4) color themes
  • New Reports feature - Create, Customize, Name, and Save comprehensive Reports of your projects
  • New On-Screen Zoom Feature - Zoom in or out on any part of the project you choose, or adjust the zoom for the best on-screen experience for your monitor
  • Highlight Filters – Highlight filtered rows in any color and display them in context with the overall schedule
  • Dynamic Filters - Dynamically generated filters for Resources
  • Color Calendars – Highlight holidays or other important periods that impact the project in the Schedule, Calendar, and Resource Views
  • Project Performance Management/Earned Value
  • Resource cost and work details per Assignment
  • New clean and smooth user interface
  • Enhanced Progress Tracking
  • View Bar components in four different configurations: Scheduled + Baseline if Different, Scheduled + Baseline, Scheduled, or Baseline
  • Emoji support
  • A new suite of Bar and Milestone styles and improved Bar and Milestone customization
  • Numerous Bar/Milestone refinements for optimal integration with MS Project and other project management tools
  • Custom Naming of Bar and Milestone styles for increased organization and efficiency.
  • Automatic switching between Bars and Milestones
  • Augmented Baseline scheduling
  • Improved Critical Path scheduling and management
  • Improved MS Project file import - Support for opening files with Manually Scheduled tasks
  • Java is no longer required to open MS Project files, Java-free!
  • Web-based Help system
  • New View customizations
  • New Layouts and Filters
  • More Undo’s
  • A new, curved Link style for attractive timeline reports
  • Theme-driven appearance and drawing
  • Redesigned and modern Gantt Chart appearance
  • License management for enhanced security
  • Support for Tabbed Finder windows, reducing clutter
  • And many more…
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