Why Use FastTrack Schedule?

FastTrack Schedule will help you and your team:

  • Quickly and simply plan your projects
  • Complete projects on time and on budget
  • Present goals in eye-catching schedules
  • Identify and avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Improve strategic planning
  • Effectively track project performance
  • Enhance collaboration and communication
  • Demonstrate the impact of schedule changes

Get up and running quickly

Choose from over 30 example files and QuickStart project managment templates or simply click-and-drag to enter and organize tasks, deadlines, and assignments. FastTrack Schedule 10.2 also creates great looking project schedules from data within spreadsheets, organizers, databases, and other project management programs. And if you need a helping hand learning FastTrack Schedule, you can rely on extensive online help topics, step-by-step tutorials, and weekly e-Training classes.


Consolidate projects into a master schedule

Stay focused on the big picture while you monitor the progress of project teams. Easily merge Mac or Windows FastTrack Schedule files to report overall project status or drill-down into distinct project phases. And merged projects retain all key project data including resources and assignments as well as file-specific graphic items including bar styles, legends, pictures, and textboxes.



Maximize your resources

Three separate summary graphs for each resource display percent usage, hourly usage, and the corresponding activity bars to which each resource has been assigned, making it easy to identify under or over allocation and reassign resources to stay within budget and time constraints.

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