Key Features

Ready for Your Network

Available in 5-User or greater configurations, FastTrack Schedule Ten Concurrent-Users Versions are scalable for all networks and provide all the key features of the popular desktop version plus:

  • Global default templates
  • Built-in Key Code System
  • Locally stored preferences
  • Concurrent-usage monitoring 

Communicate Effectively

  • Over 30 example schedules and QuickStart templates to jump-start your projects
  • Draw bars to auto-enter dates, or type dates/durations to auto-draw bars
  • Auto-styles per outline level for quick, consistent formatting
  • FastSteps™ scripting for automating repetitive steps and routine operations
  • Store hyperlinks to all your essential files, email addresses, and web sites
  • ExpressDate™ calendar and ExpressTime™ clock for entering task dates/times
  • AutoFit formatting optimizes your schedule, eliminating excess space
  • Link tasks graphically or by typing directly into Predecessor/Successor columns
  • Spreadsheet-like calculations that instantly return project values as changes occur
  • Built-in outliner for organizing tasks
  • Information Form to easily view and edit all task values
  • Clairvoyant value lists for quick, accurate data entry
  • Copy and paste resource work calendars within a schedule or across projects
  • QuickRange to easily adjust timeline start and finish dates
  • Customizable workspace for quick access to tools, commands, and controls

Track project performance effectively

  • Hundreds of predefined columns for tracking dates, durations, resources, costs, calculations, ID codes, work categories, hyperlinks, and more
  • Scheduled, revised, and actual dates/durations for tracking activity progress
  • Summary bars for illustrating earliest start and latest finish of project phases
  • Critical Path highlighting identifies key tasks with the least flexibility for change
  • Resource usage graphs clearly identify under/over allocation
  • Set finish-to-start, finish-to-finish, start-to-finish, and start-to-start links between tasks
  • Store project values per bar or per row
  • AutoArchive and AutoSave preferences for detailed project documentation
  • Resource work calendars account for variable work shifts, holidays, and vacations
  • Set finish-to-start, finish-to-finish, start-to-finish, and start-to-start links between tasks
  • Resource work calendars account for variable work shifts, holidays, and vacations
  • Use eight different constraint types to control levels of slippage for activities
  • Assign one or multiple resources to tasks and allocate percent usage
  • Use basic or advanced calculations to generate key project values
  • Capture and store multiple Baselines for performance assessment and archiving
  • Store per use, standard, and overtime rates for resources

Share project information easily

  • Consolidate multiple projects into a master project file
  • Monitor the progress of subordinate projects and receive project updates from team members individually or all at once
  • Open Microsoft Project® MPP/MPT files for easy data exchange with MS Project
  • Open Mindjet MindManager® maps and export schedules as MindManager maps
  • Publish projects as iCalendar (.ics) files to intranets and public/private websites
  • Exchange data with databases, spreadsheets, and other applications
  • Open/Save project data as XML, MPX, ASCII
  • Include FastTrack Schedule in time-saving VBA macros (Windows version)
  • AppleScript™ support for integrating FastTrack Schedule into customized Mac business solutions (Mac version)
  • Drag and drop OLE objects into projects or add projects as OLE objects to other documents* (Windows version)
  • Export projects directly to iCal (Mac version)
  • Email projects as pictures or send entire project files instantly
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