Managing FastTrack Schedules

Course Length:

2 hours


A basic knowledge of Windows and/or Mac operating systems.

Provided Courseware:

Instructional PDF of covered features, FastTrack Schedule training file.

Course Objective:

This course is for anyone who is looking to manage their tasks and resources in greater detail. This class will teach you how to create advanced dependencies between tasks and manage if projects are finishing on time and on budget.

*Please note, the course will be taught on an operating system-neutral Classic Menu interface on Windows.

Course Outline:

  1. Effort-Driven and Fixed Duration Scheduling Advanced Scheduling Methods: Define activities as effort-driven and/or fixed duration to prepare for resource management.
  2. Defining Resources and Allocating Resources: Set standard and overtime rates for your resource and individual work calendars. Assign your resources to tasks effectively with the ability to apply workload contours.
  3. Tracking Resource Costs Calculation Columns & Summary Graphs: Track your resource cost per task and per resource. Build customizable calculations to track variance in projected vs. actual resource costs. Build comprehensive Summary Graphs to show cost across time within your project.
  4. Resource Filters: Display reports about resources based on workload and time period.
  5. Work Calendars: Learn how to create and apply project, country, resource, and link calendars in your schedule.
  6. Tracking Revisions and Project Status: Track where your project has started early or fallen behind and the percent your activities have been completed.
  7. Consolidating Schedules: Learn how to combine multiple schedules within one master file, allowing a project manager to take charge of all resources and cost for entire project.