FastTrack Schedule JumpStart Course

Course Length:

1 hour


A basic knowledge of Windows and/or Mac.

Provided Courseware:

Instructional PDF of covered features, FastTrack Schedule training file

Course Objective:

This 60-minute class will get you up and running with FastTrack Schedule quickly. Learn how to outline your project, add resources, and share your schedules.

Course Outline:

  1. FastTrack Schedule's Views and Tools: Explore the Schedule/Resource/Calendar Views, column types, and key planning tools for organizing your projects.
  2. Creating a Project Outline: Learn how to enter tasks and create an organized project outline.
  3. Linking Tasks: Learn how to create dependencies between tasks using different link types.
  4. Adding and Assigning Resources: Learn how to add resources to your project and assign resources to tasks.
  5. Printing and Sharing Schedules: Learn how to format and prepare project reports to easily share with team members, stakeholders, and clients.