Award Winners: TQS, Inc. and FastTrack Schedule

Contracting company honored, credits FastTrack Schedule

The award-winning project manager is now helping users win awards as well. FastTrack Schedule user TQS, Inc. was named by the US Small Business Administration as their district's 2001 Small Business of the Year. As for the secret to their success-TQS cites FastTrack Schedule.

Impress Clients with Professional-Quality Schedules

"A portion of why we were selected is our professionalism towards our remodeling clients. And one aspect of that is our use of FastTrack Schedule. No other remodeling contractor in the area presents their clients with charts showing the progress of their project," reports Terry Henderson, founder and CEO of TQS Inc.

TQS, Inc. was also named 2000 Small Business of the Year by the Regional Northwest Chamber of Commerce.

As a full-service remodeling company, 85% of their projects are residential and the remaining 15% are commercial contracts. Only six employees run three complex projects at any given time, so organization and productivity are key to their success.

"The charts enable both our clients and the lead carpenter or production manager to stay on schedule. It holds our feet to the fire so to speak," says Henderson.

For example, a whole-house remodel that was recently completed had several subcontractors slated to contribute different aspects of the job. Each subcontractor was given a schedule showing when they were to complete their work and-like magic, according to Henderson-everyone came in on schedule!

"Can you believe it? A contractor who finishes what he has promised and one that lives up to a real live schedule!"

Standing Out in a Crowd

That kind of quality service is earning TQS a valuable reputation in their Washington market.

Henderson notes, "We really stand out among the competition. We continually strive to be highly professional and have achieved that in Spokane. We've won many contracts simply based on the schedule presented to our clients."

In fact, Henderson credits FastTrack Schedule for helping the company win an $80,000 job last August. TQS personalizes the project schedule for each client with pictures and graphics, creating a highly effective presentation. Once on the job, Henderson uses the schedules to keep subcontractors on time and within budget.

"FastTrack Schedule gives my employees and clients confidence in the product we put out—a well remodeled home or office."

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Customer Profile

TQS, Inc.
Spokane, Washington



Challenge Improve organization and scheduling of jobs, keep subcontractors and clients up-to-date on progress


Use FastTrack Schedule to plan and
optimize job schedules, keep subs
on time and within budget, and
present schedules to clients


  • Professional presentations help win clients and contracts
  • Increased organization and productivity among employees and subcontractors
  • Sets them apart from other contractors in the area
  • Personalize schedules with pictures, logos, and graphics