FastTrack Schedule Powers G+A Electramedia

Web development firm uses FastTrack Schedule to increase sales, customer satisfaction

As one of the most highly regarded web development companies in Canada, Toronto-based G+A Electramedia is at the forefront of new media development. To maintain that level of success, Electramedia employed the power of FastTrack Schedule.

Turning Projects into Profit

As an independent agency specializing the creation of database driven content management systems, the challenge most commonly faced by Electramedia was how to convey to the client the value of the jobs they completed. The problem was a critical one—with a client list including Mercedes-Benz Canada, DaimlerChrysler AG, and Cryptocard, the firm's average bill runs between 25k and .5 million per project. But G+A Electramedia President Paul Chato found that with FastTrack Schedule, there was a clear relationship between the time it takes to execute a function, the resources required, and the cost of those resources.

"FastTrack Schedule is the greatest tool to demonstrate the value of one's work. It turns what is often voodoo into something that is empirical.

"We present the Gantt chart of the job and clients rarely question the quote. If they do, we project the FastTrack Schedule on the wall and work with the client to change the specs with a corresponding change to the schedule. Without FastTrack Schedule, we wouldn't be able to maintain our profit margins."

Flexibility Is Key

For Chato, it was the Windows/Mac compatibility that turned him on to FastTrack Schedule a few years ago. In an office of 30, there was a mixture of platforms. But with FastTrack Schedule's cross-platform functionality, exchanging files was no problem. Implementation time was also a bonus for Electramedia.

"FastTrack Schedule is easy to get up and running fast. Load software, give person manual and stir!" Adds Chato, "And it's way easier to use than Microsoft Project."

At G+A Electramedia, FastTrack Schedule creates a win-win situation. The schedules keep clients happy and satisfied that the project will be completed on time and within their budget. For Chato and his team, the program not only helps them meet their project goals, but it also helps demonstrate the value of their work, therefore making a positive impact on the bottom line.

Says Chato, "FastTrack Schedule is the finest weapon in our client relationship arsenal."

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Customer Profile

G + A Electramedia
Toronto, Canada


Web Development


Improve how project value is conveyed to clients, find an easier alternative to MS Project


Employ FastTrack Schedule as the scheduling tool for team members and client presentations


  • Schedules clearly illustrate project scope to clients
  • Cross-platform compatibility allows team members to easily collaborate on project files
  • Lower learning curve compared to other more cumbersome project managers
  • Effectively tracks multiple resources and budget allocations