AEC Software Survey: Green Building Success Rooted in Project Management

-- AEC Software industry survey reveals specialized software solutions are key to overcoming challenges associated with green building projects --

STERLING, VA—Nov 5, 2008—AEC Software, developers of project management software, announced today the first round of results from a green building survey of home building, architecture, and construction industry managers. When asked if specialized software tools or templates would be beneficial for organizing and tracking green projects, more than two-thirds responded with a resounding 'yes', supporting the value technology would offer in creating efficiency, streamlining steps and aiding the completion of green projects on time and within budget.

Of the survey respondents, 81 percent said they believe green building is not a fad. Furthermore, half said that by offering green services, their businesses captured new revenue, even in times of slowed growth and poor economic conditions.

In light of the trend toward providing green services, the survey revealed that 96 percent of respondents believe that green projects require more knowledge about project design, product specifications, code compliance, regulations, accreditations and more subcontractors and specialists. Not surprising then, three-fourths said green building is more complicated than traditional building and nearly every respondent admitted green building adds more time to projects and requires more pre-planning.

"The survey confirmed our belief that while green building is an excellent revenue booster for organizations that provide green services, the process to complete green initiatives is difficult - requiring more steps with additional planning and coordination among different stakeholders," said Dennis Bilowus, President and CEO of AEC Software. "However, despite the somewhat complicated requirements for green building that may prevent some from entering the market, it's great to see that two-thirds of the survey respondents understand they can successfully complete these projects using software solutions developed specifically for managing the construction of green buildings."

Of those surveyed who do not currently offer green services, about half plan to introduce green capabilities within the next 12 months.

"After more than 20 years in the industry we know that specialized software tools undoubtedly help builders, architects, engineers and contractors carry out their projects more effectively, deliver on time, and improve their bottom line," added Bilowus. "Weve developed a suite of specialized green project management templates that provide a solid framework to speed the planning and execution of green building projects. While there are many new requirements and reporting within a green project, the right project management tool and easy-to-use templates can save valuable time and money by eliminating unnecessary complications, preventing missteps and keeping everyone on the same page."

AEC Software develops FastTrack Schedule 9.2, a project management software solution that is easy to use and affordable for both the experienced and occasional project manager. The software features graphical timelines that clearly display project status, cash flows, deadlines, and milestone dates for projects. It also allows for easier planning and control of multiple projects via project consolidation features, productivity enhancements, and project templates. FastTrack Schedule 9.2 includes Microsoft Vista certification, Universal certification for Mac users, and allows for enhanced data exchange with many leading project management programs, including Microsoft Project. The new green project templates tailored for builders enable users to more efficiently plan, manage, report, and complete green projects on time and within budget.