AEC Software Survey: Green Building Success Requires Client and Project Management

-- Industry survey reveals need for communication tools to set accurate expectations and demonstrate value for green building services --

STERLING, VA—Nov 19, 2008—AEC Software, developers of project management software, announced today the final results from a green building survey of home building, architecture, and construction industry managers. When asked if clients are more or less patient with green construction projects compared to traditional building projects, 70 percent of respondents said that their customers had the same level of patience, or even less patience.

These results come on the heels of the first AEC Software survey results reporting that three-fourths of respondents believe that green building is more complicated than traditional building, and that 68 percent of respondents know their clients share that same understanding. In addition, 71 percent said that green building adds five to 20 percent more time to the duration of the project and requires more pre-planning.

"The survey reveals a great disconnect between the project manager's expectations and the client's expectations for green building projects," said Dennis Bilowus, President and CEO of AEC Software. "It's easy to understand that the additional requirements for a green building project make it a very different process compared to traditional building projects. However, this reality is not being communicated properly to clients, and as a result, the project manager can encounter a situation in which they will be dealing with a very unhappy customer."

Not surprising given the current difficult economic situation, two-thirds of respondents say that increased awareness of green building and its benefits has not significantly impacted the demand for green projects. In addition, the 17 percent of survey respondents that reported not providing green services said the reason is because there is not a demand from their customers, and they do not see this changing in the next year.

However, 47 percent of respondents that currently do offer green building services report they do believe it allows for new revenue streams. When asked if specialized software tools or templates would be beneficial for planning, tracking managing and completing green projects, more than two-thirds responded with a resounding 'yes'.

"It's more important now than ever before, that project managers utilize every tool in their toolbox to communicate the value of green building," added Bilowus. "AEC Software has developed a suite of specialized green project management templates that provide managers with the ability to not only plan, track and manage a project internally among the team of builders and contractors, but also to present to clients. Ultimately this establishes a basis for client expectations from the very beginning, and allows the builder's first impression to be that of professionalism, efficiency, and innovation that will stand apart from others in the industry. By showing the client a visually appealing schedule of their project that includes completion dates as well as expected costs, the manager will improve customer communication and create a relationship that will without a doubt enable a successful outcome for everyone involved."

AEC Software develops FastTrack Schedule 9.2, a project management software solution that is easy to use and affordable for both the experienced and occasional project manager. The software features graphical timelines that clearly display project status, cash flows, deadlines, and milestone dates for projects. It also allows for easier planning and control of multiple projects via project consolidation features, productivity enhancements, and project templates. FastTrack Schedule 9.2 includes Microsoft Vista certification, Universal certification for Mac users, and allows for enhanced data exchange with many leading project management programs, including Microsoft Project. The new green project templates tailored for builders enable users to more efficiently plan, manage, report, and complete green projects on time and within budget.