AEC Software Releases FastTrack Schedule 10 for Windows and Mac Environments

-- Focus on user interface and advanced resource management capabilities extends lead for powerful yet cost-effective project management software --

STERLING, VA—Apr 14, 2010—AEC Software, a leading developer of project management business solutions, today announced the release of FastTrack Schedule 10, the latest version of the company's flagship project management (PM) software. FastTrack Schedule is well known among project managers worldwide not only as a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution, but also for AEC Software's unsurpassed record of continuous support and innovation across both Windows and Mac environments.

As the economy recovers and moves into a growth period, the tenth version of FastTrack Schedule provides the key project planning and management features that both small business owners and enterprise project managers need in order to secure new projects and manage them effectively.

"Budgets are improving, but decision-makers typically feel better about deploying capital when they can see a detailed and visual plan upfront and a way to assure deadlines are being met," noted Dennis Bilowus, President and CEO of AEC Software. "Whether selling a project to a client or making an internal case for a new initiative, there's no question that FastTrack Schedule 10 can provide that risk mitigation buyers are seeking."

FastTrack Schedule 10 enables users to quickly and simply plan projects, present plans clearly with colorful timelines, track performance precisely and easily share project details. Often implemented as an alternative to or in parallel with Microsoft Project, FastTrack Schedule is viewed as easier to use, resulting in more complete end-user adoption and therefore more successful projects. At the same time, advanced project managers who are accustomed to Microsoft Project are assured that all users' work will seamlessly integrate.

Improved usability and new resource management capabilities top the list of enhancements within FastTrack Schedule 10. Furthermore, it now includes completely integrated but separately developed Mac and Windows user interfaces (UI) for each of the Mac and Windows versions of the product. This helps match both the visual and workflow expectations of each type of user while ensuring a uniform business process and seamless compatibility and collaboration for project teams using both PCs and Macs.

Mac users will appreciate the new, simplified interface as it bears a close likeness to the familiar elegance of Apple's iWork applications, Meanwhile, Windows users will recognize the application's sleek Ribbon interface, which provides the type of view found in the latest versions of Windows applications (i.e.: Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2007). Windows users also have the option of changing the interface to a traditional, menu-based interface and creating a hybrid UI that combines classic toolbars with the Ribbon.

"Our ongoing dialogue with our customers guided our decision to focus on making FastTrack Schedule 10 even more intuitive for every type of user," continued Bilowus. "While we're always adding powerful features needed for the most serious forms of project management, we're also making it easier for managers to assure adoption by team members, by providing easy to use planning tools and a simplified familiar interface that their users will appreciate."

In addition to the UI enhancements, FastTrack Schedule 10 also includes features once reserved for only the most expensive project management applications. Here are four features likely to interest even the most advanced project manager:

  • Effort-Driven Scheduling - Provides a fast-track compression technique that enables managers to reduce task durations as resources are assigned to tasks and create what-if scenarios to determine what it will take to complete the project sooner.
  • Assignment Contouring - This feature helps ensure timely completion of projects by providing managers with the flexibility to quickly redistribute resources' efforts on tasks without running the risk of over allocation.
  • Advanced Work Calendars - Integrated project, task, base, and resource work calendar system to efficiently schedule tasks, team members, and account for exceptions such as holidays or non-standard work schedules. Work calendars can also be unified across all projects, resources, and corporate calendars, so that all project stakeholders are working from the same work calendar, regardless of location.
  • Work Usage Inspector - Using this feature, managers can effectively manage employee workload and assign resources as new business arrives and tasks are completed, ensuring that team members are working at their optimized levels.

"These are serious project management features that you just can't find within the 'fast food' task management programs that are appearing in the market with a very questionable project management label," added Bilowus. "Capabilities beyond status checks are needed to keep serious projects healthy. We feel we're delivering those features at an unbelievable price point."

AEC Software provides free project templates, video tutorials and even trial versions for its user community. To learn more about FastTrack Schedule 10, please visit

Free Trial Versions Available
Trial versions of FastTrack Schedule 10 are available online at the AEC Software website:

Pricing and Availability
All FastTrack Schedule 10 products are immediately available. FastTrack Schedule 10 is $349, $179 upgrade (U.S. suggested list prices). For a limited time, AEC Software is also extending upgrade pricing to licensed users of FastTrack Schedule 8 and earlier products. For details, visit