Advanced Features of FastTrack Schedule

Course Length:

1/2 day


A basic knowledge of Windows and/or Macintosh Operating Systems.

Course Objective:

Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of the advanced FastTrack Schedule features essential for building comprehensive schedules.

Provided Courseware:

Advanced Features of FastTrack Schedule Training Manual

Course Overview:

Introduces users to advanced features relating to the activities and subactivities of a schedule. The course starts with a review of the basics and guides the student through advanced features of the software. Topics include: Review of FastTrack Schedule, Managing Resources, Defining Work Calendars, Customizing Calculations, Reporting with Summary Graphs, Working with FastSteps, Creating Templates and Consolidation.

*Please note, the course will be taught in an operating system-neutral Classic Menu interface using Windows computers. Students are allowed to bring personal laptops, but must receive permission from AEC Software first.

Advanced Features of FastTrack Schedule Course Outline:

Module 9: Advanced Features Introduction

This module reviews the basics of FastTrack Schedule and introduces advanced ways of beginning a new schedule.

  1. Recap of FastTrack Schedule
  2. Schedule View Information Form

Module 10: Assigning Resources

This module will teach you how to create, assign, and manage resources using the Resource and Schedule Views.

  1. Understanding the Resource View
  2. Creating Resources
  3. Resource Information Form
  4. Effort-Driven and Fixed Duration
  5. Assigning Resources
  6. Managing Resources
  7. Resource Allocation
  8. Resource Work Usage Graph
  9. Resource View Filters
  10. Tracking Resource Costs

Module 11: Work Calendar

This module will teach you how to create the different types of work calendars and their use.

  1. Defining Calendars
  2. Using Calendars

Module 12: Calculations

This module will teach you how to create and use customizable calculation columns.

  1. Calculation Columns
  2. Calculation Elements
  3. Defining a Calculation

Module 13: Summary Graphs

Summary graphs summarize the values currently displayed in columns over a particular period of time. In this module, you will learn how to create and edit summary graphs and set them to display in particular layouts.

  1. Understanding and Inserting Summary Graphs
  2. Formatting Summary Graphs
  3. Summary Graphs in Layouts

Module 14: Baselines & Progress Tracking

After completing this module you will know how to track the progress of your schedule using baseline, revised date, and actual date columns. You will also learn how to interpret the % Used and Status columns.

  1. Understanding Baselines
  2. Progress Tracking
  3. Tracking with Dependencies
  4. Revised Dates
  5. Percent Complete and Actual Dates
  6. % Used and Status Columns

Module 15: Templates

This module will teach you how to save your schedule as a template to quickly create future, similar schedules.

  1. Using Templates
  2. Template Options

Module 16: Consolidating Schedules

In this module you will learn how to easily consolidate your FastTrack Schedule files into one master file to analyze a big picture view of all your data.

  1. What is Consolidation?
  2. How to Consolidate
  3. Schedule View
  4. Resource View

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